Travel to Russia, a land where the marks of history, richness of culture and European modernity come together.
Australian tour Operator “Russia Tour” can bring you to its sprawling capital, Moscow, one of the largest metropolises in Europe featuring the famous Kremlin with the neighbouring Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral and some of the deepest and elaborate Metro systems in the world.
Or perhaps the gilded spires of St. Petersburg? The seaside former capital to the north is one that embraces its past as the imperial crown jewel with a countless display of palaces, churches and museums.
Travel to Russia to experience the serene beauty of Siberia, the great northern wilderness that’s unlike any other.

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Russia exists today as the Russian Federation, a landmass covering the two continents of Asia and Europe and stretching from the Baltic Sea as far as the Pacific Ocean. Formed in the early middle-ages by Scandinavian Vikings it grew to be the Grand Duchy of Moscow by the late 13th century, for many years as a tributary to the invading Mongolian Golden Horde.

It wasn’t until the advent of Tsardom under Ivan the Terrible that Russia began to transform from a medieval state to an emerging empire, one that proclaimed Moscow to be the Third Rome following the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire. The rise of Peter the Great two hundred years later in the 1700s cemented the Russian Empire as one of the largest in the world and a regional power. Much of Russia’s beautiful cathedrals, art, theatre and famous literature can be attributed to this era of cultural enlightenment.

Weary from the rule of the monarchy and the strain of its disastrous campaign in World War I, the 1917 revolution spearheaded by the Bolsheviks marked the end of the Russian Empire and the start of rapid industrialisation for a worker’s state, the USSR. With heavy industry came militarisation, in time for World War II and its terrible devastation. Nowhere across Europe are the scars of the second world war still felt than here, with museums and monuments serving both as vivid records and stark reminders.


Now is better than ever to travel to Russia

The fall of the Soviet Union and the ensuing economic turmoil brought about a vigour to modernise society and state for Russia tourism, particularly in the last decade. Budgets were sorted, cities spruced up and goods and foreigners poured in with a revitalisation that embraced the private sphere and cultural heritage alike. Such can be seen with the hotels and cafes that line the busy streets alongside traditional and modern architecture.


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