Places to visit in Moscow


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Moscow has many interesting locations to experience and remember, among these the most notable are the Pushkin museum of fine arts, Pashkov’s house and the Bolshoy theatre.

The Pushkin museum of fine arts is one of Moscow’s most prominent buildings beaming with historical culture and creativity. Founded in 1898, the Pushkin museum contains a large collection of works from the early nineteenth century. Shortly after the breakup of the Soviet Union there were countless artworks scattered with no place to house them. Among these artworks are Schliemann’s “Treasures of Troy” excavations, taken from the museum of ancient history in Berlin during the war in 1945.

The Pushkin museum was designed by Roman Klein. Initially it was built to display art collections created by Moscow University art students for the purpose of research. There are all kinds of art displayed in the museum ranging from paintings, the famous Virgin and Child painted by Lucas Cranach in 1525, to sculptures, the Greek marble sarcophagus created around AD 210. The Pushkin museum is an experience itself that is worth visiting at least once.

The Pashkov house is an elaborate mansion that was once the finest private house in all of Moscow. It has a stunning hilltop location that overlooks the Kremlin. It was designed and built during the 18th century in the neo- classical style. This building was specifically built for the very wealthy Captain Pyotr Pashkov.

During the construction Pashkov kept encouraging his personal architect, Vasiliy Bazhenov, to come up with a grandeur design for the house. The incredible height was achieved by a stone base foundation while the building is surmounted by a rotunda. The back of the building is probably one of the most impressive features which contain a passage leading to a garden. After the passing of Pashkov, 1839, the house was auctioned between nobles until 1861 when it was taken over by the Rumyantsev Museum.

The final point of interest is the Bolshoy theatre. The theatre houses one of the oldest and most famous ballet companies in the world. It is also one of Moscow’s most famous land marks. The theatre first opened in 1780 providing masquerades, comedies and comic operas. The building was burned down in 1805, reconstructed in 1825, burned down again in 1853 and reconstructed for a second time in 1856. The theatre has undergone recent renovations and currently displays ballet performances. If you are a fan of ballet then there is no better place to be in all of Moscow than the Bolshoy theatre. Tour to Moscow

History of Moscow


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Moscow is an interesting place to witness, there is a rich atmosphere with culture and many things to see but one of the most truly fascinating things about Moscow is its deep and dramatic history. It involves events from the very begging such as the Slavic settlers leading to the Mongolian invasion, the rise of Moscow, Ivan the Terrible, and the first Romanovs.

The first settlers of Moscow were Slavs, the ancestors of the Russian people. They emerged from Eastern Europe during the early 6th century. They began settlement by establishing isolated villagers throughout the major rivers. This followed with the Slavic’s coming into contact with the Varangians (Vikings) during the 8th century to trade amber, furs and fair-skinned slaves.

Following the expansion of the first settlers, during the 12th century, Kiev’s supremacy was challenged and questioned by the principalities of the north (part of this was by the wooden Kremlin from Moscow). Because of these civil conflicts, the invasion of the horse- borne Mongols, during 1237, left Russia unable to defend itself resulting in defeat. During the next 240 years, the Russian principalities paid a substantially large yearly tribute to the khans, aside from the tribute the Russians were left by the Mongolians to govern themselves as before.

The rise of Moscow lead to many positive as well as negative events. During the 14th century, Moscow slowly began to flourish under the rule of the Mongolians eventually leading to the development of a large army lead by the grand prince Dmitriy Donsky (1359 – 1389). This campaign resulted with the first defeat of the Mongolian’s. The war continued for another century until the Mongolians were completely wiped out leaving Moscow with a kingdom stretching as far as the Arctic Ocean.

Following these events, during the next century, Moscow flourished in trade and expansion thanks to Ivan “the Terrible” (1533 – 1584). Ivan established trade with England, reinforced Moscow’s walls but unfortunately, he suffered from extreme paranoia after the death of his wife. These events caused him to convict countless murders, one of which was his own son, in order to stomp out the enemy of the tsar.

The legacy on Ivan did not die with him, Mikhail Romanov, great nephew of Anastasia (Ivan’s wife), was nominated tsar. Mikhail along with his heir Alexis moved Russia towards a unified future, which involved Russia along with Moscow recovering from her exhausting events set in motion by history.  Tour to Moscow

Museums and art galleries in Moscow


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There are many fresh and exciting events that take place throughout Moscow, one of the most culturally rich and informative ones include a visit to one of many national art museums. The Moscow Kremlin, the Pushkin state museum of arts and the multimedia art museum are just some examples of the art galleries that are scattered around Moscow. Among them is the state Tretyakov gallery, one of the most famous and well recognized galleries not only in Moscow, but also around the world.
The Tretyakov gallery, directed by Irina Lebedeva, has had over a million visitors since its establishment in 1856. The gallery contains over a hundred and seventy thousand pieces of artwork ranging from early religious paintings to current modern art. The gallery was established by a Russian merchant, Pavel Tretyakov, in 1892 after he graciously donated his whole art collection that he accumulated over his career to the city of Moscow.
The paintings all have a unique style and feel, some of them are masterpieces that were created thousands of years ago. The gallery not only contains paintings, even though they are the majority that is on display, but also several hundred drawings and a few sculptures. The art collections have had over a hundred thousand exhibits showcasing famous works such as Theotokos of Vladimir and Andrei Rublev’s Trinity.
Dropping by and witnessing these pieces of art is strongly recommended considering how famous and widespread these artists were in history. This will give you a much deeper understanding of Moscow’s rich history and how it is tied to current culture. Theotokos of Vladimir, also known as Virgin of Vladimir or Vladimir mother of God, is recognized as one of the most revered and respected Orthodox icons and it is a perfect example of iconography.
The Theotokos of Vladimir is widely recognized because it is one of the few Byzantine icons that has managed to survive from its time period, during the beginning of the 12th century. Furthermore this painting is of the highest quality along with the hands and face being the original color.
Andrei Rublev, died in the 15th century, is the most renowned and skilled medieval painter of Orthodox icons. His most famous painting is icon of the Trinity which contains three figures sitting at a table, the subject of the art work is the Mystery of the Trinity. Rublev’s artwork is highly recognised because it contains a rare blend of asceticism and some Byzantine mannerism. Also the Orthodox church recognized Rublev’s paintings as their ideal image due to its peaceful and calm atmosphere as well as the style used.
These are just a few examples of the many famous and acknowledged artworks found in the Tretyakov gallery. Aside from paintings there are also many famous drawings that you can find as well as a few sculptures. Visiting this gallery is definitely a recommended event if you would like to get a deeper and richer understanding of Moscow’s history and culture.

Laura. Australia, Canberra. Review about tour “3-day Moscow & St. Petersburg”


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I recently went on the 3 day Moscow and st Petersburg tour with my husband and two teenage children. My husband is a total history buff and talked me into arranging this family trip. I am very laid back when it comes to vacationing however I felt it would be a good idea to give my children a cultural experience. I was pleasantly surprised when we first arrived for this vacation as the extremely friendly staff greeted me, right at our terminal.

The tour guides were not only friendly but also extremely educated, informative and helpful with not only us but our children as well. They made the exhibits appear fun for the teenagers too! We went to a gorgeous lunch at Hermitage, which is the largest museum in Russia. The museum was filled with gorgeous artwork and all sorts of cultural and historical pieces.

I learned so much and was excited that my kids and husband were really getting into it as well. After the museum we went on a gorgeous boat ride along the neva river of st Petersburg. We got to enjoy searing the gorgeous city straight from the water, which was a spectacular view in itself. On day two we choose the train option and headed to Moscow while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the countryside. When we arrived we were shown numerous beautiful world famous buildings, while hearing about there history and examining the amazing architecture.

After going to the Kremlin armoury museum we headed to lunch. We were then shown the Moscow metro, which is an incredible subway station, made of marble and decorated with beautiful artwork. We then headed back to st Petersburg for our final excursions. On the third and final day of the tour we visited Peterhof which is a palace among beautiful gardens. It was one of the most beautiful palaces I’ve ever seen.

My husband and both of my kids were in awe at the magnificently designed archways and intricate designs which lined the interior and exterior aesthetics. After a delicious lunch we went to see another palace which also displayed gratifying architecture. After the gorgeous sight seeing excursions our informative journey came to an ending as we entered the cruise liner to return home. Overall I have to say that this was one of the best experience of my life, and sharing it with my family made it even more terrific.

I got to bond with my children and husband while learning about the world and exploring history at it’s finest. The tour guides were absolutely terrific. They made this excursion the most informative and fun it could have ever been. The amenities and fine tuned planning that went into this trip was worth every penny. We made memories that will last a lifetime, and met friends that we plan on staying in touch with forever.

I recommend this trip to anyone who loves to travel and would like an educational yet fun trip. Whether you are with your lover, friends or family this sightseeing tour is absolutely amazing. I guarantee anyone who gives it a try will be satisfied. Save travels everyone!

Oliver. Australia, Ballarat. Review about The Royal Tour


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Recently I took a tour of the beautiful St Petersburg in Russia with Russia Tour. The company provides trips around Russia for Australian People. The trip its self was 5 days (4 nights) of exploring and adventure filled with great sight seeing, glorious food and drink and memories which will last a lifetime. The first day I flew to Russia and met our really knowledgeable local tour guide at the airport. I had many questions to ask but I held them back until we probably settled at our hotel. We were warmly welcomed with cocktail on arrival and once we had settled down and unpacked we gathered to have dinner at the exquisite Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir. The architecture is astonishing, full of detail and history which creates a wonderful setting to dine in. not to mention the food being outstanding!

The second day saw a wonderful tour of St Petersburg visiting Peter and Paul Fortress as well as other areas of the city. We learnt valuable insights into the cities history and culture and even got to take a fitting Venetian cruise down the Neva River. This helped us to see St Petersburg in a different way and admire the many landmarks the city had to offer. We eventually headed to the third largest cathedral in the world known as St Isaac’s Cathedral. Its impressive dome shape, high ceilings and intricately detailed art and architecture made this a really enjoyable experience and left me speechless!

Day three and we are standing in the charming Pushkin which is also known as Tsars village. This manor and its grounds are extraordinary. It feels fit for a king or queen and cries royalty where ever you walk. Taking in the magnificent gardens of the Catherine palace was a highlight of the day as well as visiting the tremendous Podvorye restaurant. Being close to the estate meant we did not have long to wait to eat and at the same time we got enjoy fabulous food and luxurious wines leaving me quite pleased!

The final full day seemed the most packed to me! I got to visit one of the largest museums in the world known as the Hermitage and winter palace. There was so much to see over five plus buildings including a number of famous artworks by Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt that were truly captivating. The tour was insightful and helpful, exploring the many pieces on display and delving into there history. Seeing the diamond treasury which belonged to the royal family was amazing. The feeling of wealth and power that sprung from these artefacts truly made you feel honoured to see them.

After lunch we went to see another royal building, the Yusupov palace. Again it cried wealth and interest just like the Winter Place. In the evening we got to wind down with an enchanting ballet performance and our last evening meal of the vacation! Overall we had a brilliant time. My action paced week in Russia really gave me a detailed and insightful look into St Petersburg’s history and I came away more knowledgeable about the country. Russia Tours were brilliant and the trip was worth it!