There are many fresh and exciting events that take place throughout Moscow, one of the most culturally rich and informative ones include a visit to one of many national art museums. The Moscow Kremlin, the Pushkin state museum of arts and the multimedia art museum are just some examples of the art galleries that are scattered around Moscow. Among them is the state Tretyakov gallery, one of the most famous and well recognized galleries not only in Moscow, but also around the world.
The Tretyakov gallery, directed by Irina Lebedeva, has had over a million visitors since its establishment in 1856. The gallery contains over a hundred and seventy thousand pieces of artwork ranging from early religious paintings to current modern art. The gallery was established by a Russian merchant, Pavel Tretyakov, in 1892 after he graciously donated his whole art collection that he accumulated over his career to the city of Moscow.
The paintings all have a unique style and feel, some of them are masterpieces that were created thousands of years ago. The gallery not only contains paintings, even though they are the majority that is on display, but also several hundred drawings and a few sculptures. The art collections have had over a hundred thousand exhibits showcasing famous works such as Theotokos of Vladimir and Andrei Rublev’s Trinity.
Dropping by and witnessing these pieces of art is strongly recommended considering how famous and widespread these artists were in history. This will give you a much deeper understanding of Moscow’s rich history and how it is tied to current culture. Theotokos of Vladimir, also known as Virgin of Vladimir or Vladimir mother of God, is recognized as one of the most revered and respected Orthodox icons and it is a perfect example of iconography.
The Theotokos of Vladimir is widely recognized because it is one of the few Byzantine icons that has managed to survive from its time period, during the beginning of the 12th century. Furthermore this painting is of the highest quality along with the hands and face being the original color.
Andrei Rublev, died in the 15th century, is the most renowned and skilled medieval painter of Orthodox icons. His most famous painting is icon of the Trinity which contains three figures sitting at a table, the subject of the art work is the Mystery of the Trinity. Rublev’s artwork is highly recognised because it contains a rare blend of asceticism and some Byzantine mannerism. Also the Orthodox church recognized Rublev’s paintings as their ideal image due to its peaceful and calm atmosphere as well as the style used.
These are just a few examples of the many famous and acknowledged artworks found in the Tretyakov gallery. Aside from paintings there are also many famous drawings that you can find as well as a few sculptures. Visiting this gallery is definitely a recommended event if you would like to get a deeper and richer understanding of Moscow’s history and culture.