Tour to Moscow – Russia

Embark on a tour to Moscow, the ancient capital of the Russian Federation, a city that has withstood much in its roughly 800 year history. Moscow tours are organised for you where you will see, learn and experience a trip unlike any other. At a glance there a hundreds of places here that will make your tour to Moscow worthwhile. Historic treasures of church and state within the Kremlin walls, galleries housing spectacular Western and Russian art alongside priceless religious icons. Moscow’s liveliest streets and prettiest parks, that host attractions which change with the seasons, are also included in our Moscow tours.

From a small defensive fort Moscow came to rule one sixth of the earth’s surface with its governance led by Grand Princes, Tsars, Emperors, Soviet General Secretaries and today, Presidents. The very first settlers of the region were believed to be Slavic tribes in the 6th century, before they encountered the Vikings who brought order and assumed power under the chief Rurik. Rurik, the ancestor of all the tsars until the Romanovs took power centuries later, chose the ancient city of Novgorod as his capital but his successor Oleg took Kiev in modern-day Ukraine and made it his own capital. It wasn’t until the 12th century and the Mongol invasion that Moscow arose from obscurity and became relevant. The Mongols succeeded, chose Moscow as the supreme state from which to collect tributaries for the next 240 years, leaving them to self-govern. Our Moscow tours will guide you through the historical museums that chronicle the rise of medieval Russia to its present day.

In the late 14th century Moscow and its principalities became strong enough to inflict a defeat against the Mongols, beginning the creation of a real, united Russian nation under the rule of the tsars. Thus Moscow developed in 400 years from the Kremlin, a wooden fortress in 1156, into a shining capital city complete with outer walls. The wooden Kremlin was upgraded with white limestone in 1367, preventing any further Mongol raids, and with huge brick walls by 1495. Visitors on a tour to Moscow will be hard pressed to miss the bright red Kremlin walls, and those with a keen eye and orientation will notice the city’s ring-based construction. Moscow extends outwards in many rings and can be brightly visible from a plane at night.

It’s with good reason the city’s leaders declared Moscow as the Third Rome, following the fall of Byzantium’s Constantinople to the south, with the borrowed Orthodox religion living on in stone cathedrals around the city. Our Moscow tours let you visit and feel these medieval and imperial remnants of the city, each well maintained.

The Tsardom of Russia ruled the nation from the Moscow Kremlin until the break-up of the royal family, descendants of the Rurik dynasty. The so-called “Troubled Times” followed the death of Ivan the Terrible, with families fighting over the throne and tsars came and went like the wind until the Romanovs took over, turning Russia into an empire over the next several hundred years. This new Imperial age turned Russia into a naval power, with a new western-inspired renaissance that brought about an importance of culture and learning. It is during this age that St. Petersburg was founded and declared the capital, leaving Moscow in its shadow until the 20th century and the rise of the Soviet Union. Our Moscow tours will cover both neo-classical architecture as well as Soviet monuments of the past.

Moscow has always been the focal point of conflict in Russia’s history. Since its capture by the Mongol Hordes in the early Middle Ages to the rise of Tsardom, Moscow has more-or-less withstood invasions from all sides of its borders. The city proved to be a turning point in the grand ambitions of conquerors over the ages. As Napolean Bonaparte’s hard-fought, yet ultimately failed, invasion proved to be his downfall, so too did Hitler learn almost 150 years later. Our Moscow tours cover landmarks that suffered terrible damage in these historical wars, some rebuilt with great effort.

A tour to Moscow may be daunting, it is after all the largest metropolis in Europe and one that is relatively less frequented by Australian tourists. Thanks to our expertise, our package tours and daytrips there is no need to feel lost. In 2011 the city’s borders were massively expanded and its territory increased 2.4 times. In 2012, travel to Moscow saw a record-breaking 5+ million foreign tourists, who took a tour to Moscow, the largest number yet following the opening of the country to tourists around the world.

Make this year the year you’ll take a tour to Moscow!