Tour to St petersburg russia

Tour to St Petersburg – the old capital of the north

A tour to St Petersburg is to experience Russia’s grand cultural heritage. The city’s status as the former capital of Imperial Russia is unmistakable.

From the many palaces, cathedrals, sculptures and museums to the very streets and canals on which the city is built its purpose as a centre of power and a symbol of the empire’s far reach to the north is felt. Once home to one of the largest European empires, exploring Europe isn’t complete without a tour to St Petersburg.

A Rich and Turbulent History

Erected on a marsh once thought to be inhospitable, St Petersburg started its life as a fort against the Swedes before becoming the centre of Peter the Great’s grand vision to modernise Russia and create a “northern Venice”. The small islands and waterways on the banks of the Baltic Sea served as the foundations of St Petersburg. During the reign of the Tsars the city became home to a multitude of lavish palaces, theatres and galleries that are now publicly viewable.

Briefly renamed to Petrograd during the first World War, it lost its position as the capital when the government moved to Moscow due to threat from attack. The city became home to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and Lenin’s rise to power, where it wasn’t long before it was renamed to Leningrad following his death.

The second World War saw the city suffer the greatest siege in warfare where it was isolated for 900 days and lost over a million civilian lives. It was declared a Hero City of the Soviet Union and retained the name of Leningrad until 1991 when a referendum was voted in favour of the name St Petersburg, once again.

Today the maritime city stands as Russia’s second largest with a population of 5 million, one of the largest art museums in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage area. St Petersburg’s unique and traditional neo-classical architecture has been surprisingly preserved over the the tumultuous century, with a beautiful skyline that has largely remained unchanged.

Travel to St Petersburg is highly popular among tourists and the city remains among the top of the list of places to experience in Russia.