The Mariinsky Theatre

World Class Opera and Ballet

Ballet at Mariinsky TheatreThe Mariinka, as it’s fondly known by citizens, has always been a symbol of authentic Russian musical culture. Today the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre, one of the oldest musical theatres in Russia, is not only one of most prominent representatives of ballet and opera arts of universal significance but is also a unique monument of St. Petersburg architecture from the second half of the 19th century.

The Mariinsky Theatre as we know it originally opened in 1860, named after Empress Maria, an escort of Tsar Alexander II. The Imperial opera and ballet scene, however, was established in 1783 by Catherine the Great at a different location, a wooden theare on Tsaritsa Meadow.

Whilst the blue-white building looks modest in comparison with the city’s other landmarks, the interior is lavishly elegant and rarely ceases to floor newcomers with its sparkling foyer and great auditorium. A huge, crystal chandelier illuminates the painted ceiling of nymphs and cherubs above an audience of up to 2000.

The theatre is home to the Mariinsky Opera, Mariisnky Ballet and the Mariinsky Orchestra and is a major entertainer in the world-renowned Stars of the White Nights Festival. Currently an extra building is being constructed behind the Mariinsky outfitted with a glass ceiling. Tour to St Petersburg