Pushkin Memorial museum

The famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived in St. Petersburg for over a third of his life, starting in 1811 when he was 12 years old and later settling at number 12, Moika. This house became his final residence and an eternal time capsule celebrating the poet’s life and creations.

This dedicated museum is a large three-storey building situated on the Moika Embankment, rebuilt during the 1770s and has remained in its authentic state. In 1837 Pushkin left the house to honour a sword duel with Dantes and was brought back with fatal wounds. He died several days later with thousands of Petersburgers coming to pay their respects.

Today the museum is arranged with the poet’s personal possessions according to how it would like all those years ago based on historical documents and first-hand accounts. His writing desk, favourite arm chair, sofa, walking canes, smoking pipe and inkstand are all there as if the great man was still there. The study is fascinating as you’ll see old books of every sort, Pushkin had around four thousand books in fourteen languages during his life.

The Pushkin Memorial Meeting is a gathering of creative intellectuals, artists and representatives of the city council. It takes on February 10 in the courtyard of the house with a minute of silence starting at 2:45p.m. which is when Alexander Pushkin’s heart finally stopped beating. Tour to st Petersburg