The Sheremetev Palace

This amazing palace with its yellow-green façade and laced cast-iron gates is situated at the embankment of the Fontanka River and is rightfully considered one of city’s most beautiful buildings. The present building was constructed in the middle of the 18th century. It bore the name of “Fountain House” due to the many fountains that adorned its territory. The water for the fountains was taken from the Fontanka river (“fontan” means fountain in Russian).

The building is named after the famous Field Marshal General Boris Sheremetev who began to build his first palace in 1712. The Sheremetevs were a noble and educated family. They socialised with prominent writers, composers and artists. They used to host dance balls and arrange concerts. The famous poet Alexander Pushkin posed to the painter O. Kiprensky at this palace. The fabulous wealth of the Sheremetevs was legendary among St. Petersburgers. The rumour was that one day Empress Elizabeth came unexpectedly to the palace at the Fontanka. Her retinue consisted of 15 people but it was no problem for the owners of the palace. They didn’t even have to add new dishes to the dinner that was immediately offered for the empress.

Nikolay Sheremetev later made history as one of the best creators of Russian theatres. The last owner of the palace – Sergey Sheremetev – handed the building over to the state in 1918. The servants of the Prince continued to live there for some time. Famous Russian poetess Anna Akhmatova lived in one of the rooms from 1918 to 1952. So it was logical that the Akhmatova Museum was arranged there after her death. The monument to Anna Akhmatova was opened in the courtyard of the Fountain House in 2006. The Museum of Musical Instruments was opened in another part of the palace. Travel to st Petersburg