Moscow has many interesting locations to experience and remember, among these the most notable are the Pushkin museum of fine arts, Pashkov’s house and the Bolshoy theatre.

The Pushkin museum of fine arts is one of Moscow’s most prominent buildings beaming with historical culture and creativity. Founded in 1898, the Pushkin museum contains a large collection of works from the early nineteenth century. Shortly after the breakup of the Soviet Union there were countless artworks scattered with no place to house them. Among these artworks are Schliemann’s “Treasures of Troy” excavations, taken from the museum of ancient history in Berlin during the war in 1945.

The Pushkin museum was designed by Roman Klein. Initially it was built to display art collections created by Moscow University art students for the purpose of research. There are all kinds of art displayed in the museum ranging from paintings, the famous Virgin and Child painted by Lucas Cranach in 1525, to sculptures, the Greek marble sarcophagus created around AD 210. The Pushkin museum is an experience itself that is worth visiting at least once.

The Pashkov house is an elaborate mansion that was once the finest private house in all of Moscow. It has a stunning hilltop location that overlooks the Kremlin. It was designed and built during the 18th century in the neo- classical style. This building was specifically built for the very wealthy Captain Pyotr Pashkov.

During the construction Pashkov kept encouraging his personal architect, Vasiliy Bazhenov, to come up with a grandeur design for the house. The incredible height was achieved by a stone base foundation while the building is surmounted by a rotunda. The back of the building is probably one of the most impressive features which contain a passage leading to a garden. After the passing of Pashkov, 1839, the house was auctioned between nobles until 1861 when it was taken over by the Rumyantsev Museum.

The final point of interest is the Bolshoy theatre. The theatre houses one of the oldest and most famous ballet companies in the world. It is also one of Moscow’s most famous land marks. The theatre first opened in 1780 providing masquerades, comedies and comic operas. The building was burned down in 1805, reconstructed in 1825, burned down again in 1853 and reconstructed for a second time in 1856. The theatre has undergone recent renovations and currently displays ballet performances. If you are a fan of ballet then there is no better place to be in all of Moscow than the Bolshoy theatre. Tour to Moscow