Recently I took a tour of the beautiful St Petersburg in Russia with Russia Tour. The company provides trips around Russia for Australian People. The trip its self was 5 days (4 nights) of exploring and adventure filled with great sight seeing, glorious food and drink and memories which will last a lifetime. The first day I flew to Russia and met our really knowledgeable local tour guide at the airport. I had many questions to ask but I held them back until we probably settled at our hotel. We were warmly welcomed with cocktail on arrival and once we had settled down and unpacked we gathered to have dinner at the exquisite Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir. The architecture is astonishing, full of detail and history which creates a wonderful setting to dine in. not to mention the food being outstanding!

The second day saw a wonderful tour of St Petersburg visiting Peter and Paul Fortress as well as other areas of the city. We learnt valuable insights into the cities history and culture and even got to take a fitting Venetian cruise down the Neva River. This helped us to see St Petersburg in a different way and admire the many landmarks the city had to offer. We eventually headed to the third largest cathedral in the world known as St Isaac’s Cathedral. Its impressive dome shape, high ceilings and intricately detailed art and architecture made this a really enjoyable experience and left me speechless!

Day three and we are standing in the charming Pushkin which is also known as Tsars village. This manor and its grounds are extraordinary. It feels fit for a king or queen and cries royalty where ever you walk. Taking in the magnificent gardens of the Catherine palace was a highlight of the day as well as visiting the tremendous Podvorye restaurant. Being close to the estate meant we did not have long to wait to eat and at the same time we got enjoy fabulous food and luxurious wines leaving me quite pleased!

The final full day seemed the most packed to me! I got to visit one of the largest museums in the world known as the Hermitage and winter palace. There was so much to see over five plus buildings including a number of famous artworks by Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt that were truly captivating. The tour was insightful and helpful, exploring the many pieces on display and delving into there history. Seeing the diamond treasury which belonged to the royal family was amazing. The feeling of wealth and power that sprung from these artefacts truly made you feel honoured to see them.

After lunch we went to see another royal building, the Yusupov palace. Again it cried wealth and interest just like the Winter Place. In the evening we got to wind down with an enchanting ballet performance and our last evening meal of the vacation! Overall we had a brilliant time. My action paced week in Russia really gave me a detailed and insightful look into St Petersburg’s history and I came away more knowledgeable about the country. Russia Tours were brilliant and the trip was worth it!