I recently went on the 3 day Moscow and st Petersburg tour with my husband and two teenage children. My husband is a total history buff and talked me into arranging this family trip. I am very laid back when it comes to vacationing however I felt it would be a good idea to give my children a cultural experience. I was pleasantly surprised when we first arrived for this vacation as the extremely friendly staff greeted me, right at our terminal.

The tour guides were not only friendly but also extremely educated, informative and helpful with not only us but our children as well. They made the exhibits appear fun for the teenagers too! We went to a gorgeous lunch at Hermitage, which is the largest museum in Russia. The museum was filled with gorgeous artwork and all sorts of cultural and historical pieces.

I learned so much and was excited that my kids and husband were really getting into it as well. After the museum we went on a gorgeous boat ride along the neva river of st Petersburg. We got to enjoy searing the gorgeous city straight from the water, which was a spectacular view in itself. On day two we choose the train option and headed to Moscow while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the countryside. When we arrived we were shown numerous beautiful world famous buildings, while hearing about there history and examining the amazing architecture.

After going to the Kremlin armoury museum we headed to lunch. We were then shown the Moscow metro, which is an incredible subway station, made of marble and decorated with beautiful artwork. We then headed back to st Petersburg for our final excursions. On the third and final day of the tour we visited Peterhof which is a palace among beautiful gardens. It was one of the most beautiful palaces I’ve ever seen.

My husband and both of my kids were in awe at the magnificently designed archways and intricate designs which lined the interior and exterior aesthetics. After a delicious lunch we went to see another palace which also displayed gratifying architecture. After the gorgeous sight seeing excursions our informative journey came to an ending as we entered the cruise liner to return home. Overall I have to say that this was one of the best experience of my life, and sharing it with my family made it even more terrific.

I got to bond with my children and husband while learning about the world and exploring history at it’s finest. The tour guides were absolutely terrific. They made this excursion the most informative and fun it could have ever been. The amenities and fine tuned planning that went into this trip was worth every penny. We made memories that will last a lifetime, and met friends that we plan on staying in touch with forever.

I recommend this trip to anyone who loves to travel and would like an educational yet fun trip. Whether you are with your lover, friends or family this sightseeing tour is absolutely amazing. I guarantee anyone who gives it a try will be satisfied. Save travels everyone!