Tsar’s Gold Train

Product Description

Eastbound from Moscow via Lake Baikal, through Mongolia and to Beijing

A journey on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railroad is one of the last great travel adventures of our world. Set this dream of a lifetime on the tracks with our Private Train and experience Russia, Mongolia and China in the safest, most comfortable and fascinating manner.
The historic route between Moscow, Lake Baikal and Beijing is the heart of all travel variants: The exciting days of your journey is the delivery of three of the world’s largest countries directly to your compartment. Lean back and enjoy the dramatic changes of scenery and savour the taste of Europe’s and Asia’s most superb and splendid landscapes!

Dine in our lovingly designed restaurant wagons and enjoy the finest local cuisine and drinks served by courteous waiters. More than 20 excursions and performances included as well as all entrance fees. Individual special requests possible: Access to forbidden zones and extra opening hours (please inquire before the journey).
Choose from 5 different compartment categories: Classic and Superior (Superior is newly renovated); Nostalgic Comfort (these newly built cars are nostalgically furnished in the Soviet Government Train style of the 50’s); Bolshoi (2-bed berth with en-suite facilities) and Bolshoi Platinum (even larger than Bolshoi cabins also featuring a full shower cabin).
Detailed travel documents, travel guides and personal log book. Sophisticated on-board programmes with entertaining lectures on local culture, history and everyday life.
Doctor on board (from Moscow to the Chinese border), showers onboard.
Caviar and vodka tasting on board the train with traditional Russian welcoming ceremony with bread and salt. Special Peking Duck dinner at one of Beijing’s leading theme restaurants.

DAY 1 - Welcome to Moscow
DAY 2 - Sightseeing Moscow
DAY 3 - Kazan
DAY 4 - Yekaterinburg
DAY 5 - Novosibirsk
DAY 6 - Krasnoyarsk
DAY 7 - Irkutsk
DAY 8 - Lake Baikal
DAY 9 - From Lake Baikal to Ulan Ude on to Mongolia
DAY 10 - Ulaan Baatar and Gandan Monastery
DAY 11 - Ulaan Baatar and the Mongolian Alps
DAY 12 - Through the Gobi Desert
DAY 13 - Welcome to Beijing
DAY 14 - Beijing - Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City
DAY 15 - The Great Wall and Peking Duck
DAY 16 - Beijing and back home


The Tsar’s Gold Train also runs other services. Please enquire with us if you wish to know more about the following:

Trans-Siberian Express by Private Train from West to East
Route: Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulaan Baatar and Beijing.