This bird is a little bit bigger than a sparrow; its weight is 32-34 grams. The male bird has black “cap”, wings and tail; the back is bluish-grey; the tail head and the stripe across the wing are white; the bottom is red. The females and young birds have brown-grey bottom instead of red, they don’t have the black “cap” either. The voice is a soft monotonic whistle (“phiew-phiew”). During nesting period the bird is very silent and cautious.

It feeds on seeds of trees and weeds, various berries and fruits, less frequently – on insects.
The bullfinch is a bird of the dense high forest taiga. It is most numerous in southern taiga, sub-boreal forests and mixed-dark coniferous forests. The birds can also be encountered in certain areas of high forest in the south of the region.

It is common in Yenisei central taiga and prefers riverside dark coniferous taiga. The first broods appear in the end of July. In autumn the bullfinches (local and migratory ones) gather at riverside willow woods and alder stands.The most of Siberian bullfinches migrate to the south in winter but some birds stay. Starting from the middle of October one can observe small flocks of bullfinches that migrate from the north. Slightly flattened nests are made high on trees (2-5 meters). There are 4-5 light blue red-brown-spotted eggs in a set.