This is a bird of stork family; it is closely related to white stork species. The oriental stork is one of rarest bird species of Russian Far East. Its characteristic feature is black beak – the white stork has a red beak. Oriental stork is a bit bigger than its European “relative”; it doesn’t settle near towns and villages and avoids vicinity of human.

The bird feeds on water animals: small vertebrates and invertebrates, mostly small fish and frogs.
It is an endangered species and is put down in IUCN Red List, Russian Red Book; it is protected by law in Japan, China, Mongolia and Korea.

The bird nests at Far East, namely Amur River region and Primorye, river-basins of Amur, Zeya, Ussuri as well as north of Korea and north-east of China and Mongolia.

In order to build a nest the stork uses different high-positioned structures such as power lines. The nest is made of branches and has 2 meters in diameter. It is situated at the height of 3.4-14 meters. Like other storks the oriental stork uses the same nest for several consecutive years. The bird lays eggs in the end of April and there are 2-6 eggs in a set depending on various conditions.


This is a big bird of black color with white belly. During flight the bird stretches its neck and legs. It often hovers high in the sky. The bird is silent and cautious. It sticks by itself sometimes making a group of two.
The black stork feeds on fish, frogs, invertebrates and small rodents.

This is a forest bird. Generally it inhabits water basins, river and lake valleys. The bird feeds at bogs, meadows, shallow water. It is a very rare species in the region. Presumably, the black stork population in Siberia is about 1000 species. The maximum population density is in taiga areas of Sayan Mountains.

The bird makes nests out of branches on high trees in secluded places. The nest represents a rather massive structure – up to 1.5 meters in diameter. There are 3-5 dirty-white eggs in a set; each egg is about 65 mm in length.
The black stork is a rare species included in the Red List.