This is a bright-colored bird, a little bigger than a starling. The male species has black wings, tail and stripe between beak and eyes; the rest coat is bright-yellow. The females and young birds have yellowish-green top and yellowish-white bottom with thin longitudinal brown stripes. The voice is a soft flute-like whistle “flue-teeoo-leeoo” or loud “meowing”. It is easily detected by its voice.

The basic food is insects and their larvae, spiders and other invertebrates. The bird eats hairy caterpillars many other birds don’t eat.

It is a typical bird of broad-leaved and mixed forests, parks and gardens. It nests in the south of the region, mostly in forest-steppe, sub-boreal forests and thinned parts of southern taiga, Sayans piedmonts. The oriole is a rare bird everywhere.

The orioles appear in Krasnoyarsk area in the end of May. The young birds fledge in late July. The birds fly to the south in the beginning of September. The nest is usually situated between thin branches at the height of 3-16 meters. There are 3-4 white black-spotted eggs in a set.
The oriole is a very cautious bird.